Leaders in business intelligence and corporate performance management.
Our team of experts specialized in data analysis have driven over 300 organizations to become more efficient, competitive, and innovative.

Our Analytic services focus on improving performance management using top-tier innovative technology, and designing reliable solutions to enhance data driven decision making.

The use of Analytics allows companies to thrive in the face of accelerated technological shifts, keep up with market changes, and gain clear advantages over competitors.

Our end-to-end solutions and services in data warehousing, big data, and analytics will enable you to become a data-driven business.

Our Analytics team has the tools to dive into your data sources in order to discover actionable information. The 7 Analytics fields of our end-to-end service offerings cover consulting, implementation, support, and maintenance of analytics solutions. Additionally, we offer our clients a variety of training in several disciplines related to Analytics and BI.

  • Analytics Roadmap Strategy

    Our team helps organizations define, implement, and execute personalized design solutions that have a profound impact on corporate performance, and create insight driven decision cultures.
  • Guided Analytics and Corporate Reporting

    We design dashboards with an operational and tactical focus for management optimization based on indicators and reporting guidance. We provide data compressions and business consulting that have an extremely positive impact on corporate performance
  • Data Discovery and Visualization

    ­Our analytics applications produce clean and powerful visual renderings of your data, creating a visual guide to help your company answer the most important questions. Our sleek design allows you to clearly discover whole story that lives within your data.
  • Business Intelligence y Big Data

    We implement designs specifically formulated for rapid-fire BI performance on Big Data solutions. Our software analyzed billions of records using index-based SQL engines that enable speed of thought data analysis and visualization on BI dashboards that are connected in real time to data sources (Hadoop, AWS, S3, etc.) that are too large to be stored.
  • Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

    Our analysis service focuses on determining trends and patterns to reliably predict future events or shifts in direction. This affords our clients the freedom to anticipate and address new opportunities and trends, to gain competitive advantages.
  • Embedded Analytics and OEM Solutions

    We integrate Analytics to ensure compatibility with existing web applications, allowing a transparent user experience, and extending the reusability of their investments in Analytics.
  • Geo-Intelligence

    Our dedicated team is highly specialized in executing georeferenced based data solutions. We transform maps into powerful analytical tools, bringing previously hidden data to light, eliminating blind spots, and stimulating better decision making.

We are passionate about innovation focused on improving business performance

Our rates are highly competitive and 78% of our solutions have a measurable return on investment in periods of 4 to 10 months. Our services hiring models are flexible and aligned with the particular needs of our customers.

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