We expand our clients teams, accelerating and scaling capabilities for achieving their software goals, combining development and operations skills.

DevOps: Our automated mechanism for doing business as usual changes to operational systems.

Challenge: IT Development and IT Operations are often not in alignment

Our DevOps team of highly talented ‘sysadmin coders’ expands our clients’ capabilities, enabling evolution of products and services, and accelerating business by combining development and operations skills under the same delivery team.

Businesses demand an increase rate of production releases from application and business stakeholders. Our DevOps offering targets product delivery, quality testing, feature development and maintenance releases in order to improve reliability and security.

How can Intermedia help?

  • Manage and govern DevOps adoption
  • Design an approach for DevOps, implementation, testing and support
  • Implement DevOps practices providing teams that will manage development and operations smoothly
  • Improve communication and collaboration between IT and Operations
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