We help predict business outcomes, improving efficiency and performance by automating systems and processes throughout Machine Learning and AI.

At Intermedia we specialize in implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions focused on improving corporate performance.

We integrate components and algorithms of Machine Learning to existing systems and processes, as well as designing new information systems based on AI, to achieve automated continuous improvements in organizations.

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. In the last decade, machine learning has provided driver-less vehicles, voice recognition, effective web searches, and improved knowledge of the human genome.

Our main fields of specialization in Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Text analysis solutions using trained machine learning algorithms that convert unstructured text into structured actionable data. Use Cases include: Social Media Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Classification, Language Detection, Topics Detection.
  • Video and Image Analysis solutions using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to detect and recognize objects and people, detect motion, detect emotions in facial expressions, and detect/read text in multimedia contents, among others.
  • Audio Analysis and voice recognition solutions that detect and convert audio into commands and structured data to be integrated into intelligent systems and processes.