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REF. A0018

Technical Leader

Job Description

The person we are looking for must have excellent technical expertise, with curiosity and motivation to continue growing and develop professionally.

We are also looking for a person who can be a technical referent for the team.

Role responsibilities

  • Assist technical teams, securing that the technical guidelines of the projects are met, and relying on other referents for decision-making.
  • Map, analyze, design, and develop high complexity solutions, fulfilling the defined standards and methodologies.
  • Receive ongoing technical training to be able to adapt to changes and different market needs.
  • Role of technical reference.
  • Survey, analyze, design and develop highly complex solutions.
  • Ability to lead.
  • Technical expertise with curiosity and motivation.


  • 5+ years of experience as Senior Developer or 2+ years as Technical Leader.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Technologies.
  • Student or graduate of careers in Information Technology.
  • Professional English level.

We value

  • Experience in the technical leadership of teams.
  • Knowledge in the following technologies will be valued: .NET 5+, Xamarin, .NET Blazor, .NET Entity Famework, Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Tools knowledge: Visual Studio, TFS, GIT, SQL Management, Azure DevOps.
  • Student or graduate of Information Technology careers.

Office Hours

Full time availability from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm (We offer flextime).

Application Process

Want to apply to this role?

Fill the application form including your resume and tell us why you are interested in working with us.


First steps

We do an initial screening to see if your profile matches our requirements. If you do, we will get in touch and coordinate the following interviews.


Personal Interview

We will have a personal interview to get to know each other, talk about professional goals and what the enterprise is looking for the specific role.


Technical Interview

You will get to talk to some of our experts, we will check your background knowledge on programming languages, architecture, and frameworks.



Once you are onboard with our team, we take care of you during the process of getting to know all about the enterprise, our offices and at any other moment you may need.

want to join us?

Lets get in touch

Please fill out the form with your information, and we will contact you back if your profile matches our requirements.